Rayquaza returns to Pokémon GO but there’s still no Shiny, what’s the best team to use?

After months of speculation, Niantic have confirmed that Rayquaza is coming back to Pokémon GO raids for a very limited time.

Beginning March 15th and through to March 18th, the highly desired legendary Dragon type will be back in Five Star Raids. The bad news is that it won’t be in Shiny form. At least, not yet.

Dataminers unveiled code for Rayquaza shiny form months back and it’s one of only a handful of Legendary Diamond / Pearl Pokémon not to have a Shiny. However, the Japanese Pokémon Go account confirmed that ‘In this event, different colors of “Reza” will not appear.

The return of Rayquaza, of course, won’t affect Dialga who will remain in Five Star Raids as well.

Rayquaza is weakest against Ice, and so a team of Mamoswines with Powder Snow and Avalanche is going to smash right through it.

Other Pokémon worth using include Articuno, Mewtwo, Cloyster, Weavile and even Jynx.

Rayquaza, meanwhile, is the most effective Dragon-Type Pokémon in the game and will be a handy ally when you raid against others in the months ahead. Our advice, stock up!

Will you be raiding for Ray despite no Shinies?

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