Realm Royale embraces the shadows with its new Shadowfall DLC Bundle

High Fantasy Battle Royale Shooter, Realm Royale has a new Shadowfall DLC Pack which really puts you in tune with your inner dark side.

The new Shadowfall Bundle goes for £19.99  and gives you 850 Crowns to spend on the Realm Royale store, whether it be for items, costumes, cosmetics or something else.

It also gives you two new skins and a mount, including the Shadowbeak Chicken Skin. Now, the poor little fella is wandering around with a black eye so bad its closed shut, even waving a white flag begging for mercy. Something tells me it’s not going to get it. It’s terrifying shielded armor makes it look more ferocious than ever, though, so maybe people will give it a wide berth. Possibly.

The armor carries across to the Knightmare Mount and The Lord of Darkness Warrior Skin, both showing off epic badass armor that puts you in touch with your dark side. The illuminating light blue eyes, curved horns and the purple hue diamond on their helmets are properly intimidating and make for an imposing presence during battle. See for yourself..

Definitely wouldn’t want to cross this lot. The Realm Royale Shadowfall Bundle is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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