Red Dead Online DLC coming February 26 adds new Law and Bounty System and Balancing

A new Red Dead Online update for Red Dead Redemption 2 will finally release on February 26th, adding in a Law and Bounty System plus much more.

In addition to the usual improvements, balancing and enhancements to the game’s open world, there will be changes to player blips on the mini-map and visibility over long distances.

One of the big changes is that the map position won’t be shown off to other players unless you’re nearby, meaning the issues with targetting across towns should no longer happen.

And if your style of play is hostile and aggressive, you will become more visible to other players and NPCs. Basically, if you’re performing one bad deed after another, you’re going to become a bigger target. Though if you start to tone it down and try and do right by others, that target will slowly move off your back.

If you’ve picked up a bounty over time, then NPC hunters will try and claim it to collect a reward, dead or alive. The more damage you cause, the more valuable the price on your head becomes.

This ties into a new Parley and Feud system where you can challenge opponents or seek a truce over any disputes that crop up in the game.

Rockstar are even sneaking in some daily challenges to earn Gold nuggets and XP. This can be something simple as gathering herbs and skinning animals, to winning feuds. These will continue to be expanded upon and evolved over time.

On top of all that, there will be a bunch of in-game fixes that work on things like voice chat, horse cargo, respawning and more.

Rockstar plan to share more details on what else is coming next week, but in the meantime you can earn more XP to rank up ahead of February 26 with some of the missions currently available.


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