Second DOOM content pack Hell Followed out now

DOOM’s second multiplayer content pack is out now. Titled Hell Followed, players will get another three maps, more Hack Modules and Taunts, a new Reaper weapon, and another player controlled demon.

Hell Followed adds Orbital – a space station on the brink – Argent Breach – a gothic inspired summit – and Molten – a volcanic apocalypse – to the multiplayer play list, as well as the Reaper weapon and Threat Pulse equipment.

Reaper fires Railgun like bullets, but with an auto-fire option as a secondary. Meanwhile the Threat Pulse gives players heat vision and lets you get the drop on your foes through walls and at a distance.

And you can now take on the form of the Cacodemon who can chow down on foes while also spitting out deadly venom which melts them where they stand.

You’ll also get new armour and taunts including Cyberdemonic Armor and some breakdancing poses!

To celebrate, there will be a Double XP weekend starting on October 28th which runs from 5pm BST to 4PM GMT on October 31st.

We’ll have full coverage of the expansion once we’ve had a chance to download, but you can grab it right now for £11.99 on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4, or get it as part of the Season Pass

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