Shiny Lapras has rolled out worldwide in Pokémon Go from recent Safari Zone Event

While Shiny Shuckle has had a weekend themed around it, Shiny Lapras has also rolled out.

The recent Safari Zone event in Singapore introduced both Shiny forms to the game for a limited time.

It runs until April 21 but while Shuckles have increased spawns and are appearing everywhere in the wild, you’ll have to work a bit harder for Lapras.

As they rarely appear in the wild, you’ll need to look for the Research Task ‘Win 5 Gym Battles’. This is not to be confused with the ‘Battle in a Gym 5 Times’ task for a Machop.

Although Machops can also be Shiny, so, you know..

Lapras are Level 15 from Tasks, which would come out at 1131 CP.

Be fast, though, because these won’t be around for long! In fact, it ends at 10pm tonight.

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