SimCity’s Official Site Now Shows Server Status

SimCity had a bit of a disappointing launch in terms of server availability. Thankfully, servers are back up and working and, just in case they get a bit packed, the SimCity website now shows server availability.

SimCity has been criticised by a lot of people due to it’s online only restrictions. This is not helped by the fact that when the game released, there were plenty of server issues on the day of release preventing people from even playing the game. This was made worse as EA didn’t even add an Offline mode to the game.

Now the servers have become a bit more stable,  the fans have been listened to (slightly). The official website now shows the server availability in a nice little graphical interface. Although this doesn’t solve the issue completely, it sure does help.

As of now, there is no intention of implementing an offline mode into the game, but hopefully this little tool should go some way to compensate for the poor launch.

The server status chart can be seen here.

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Aaron Lapper

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