Simon the Sorcerer Returns!

Kickstarter has been a haven for games developers looking to bring niche or retro titles to the clammy hands of nostaligc gamers. The likes of Leisure Suit Larry, Shadowrun and Wings have all had Kickstarter success in the last couple of years and now StoryBeasts are ready to take the plunge and crowdfund the sixth Simon the Sorcerer: Between Worlds.

The sixth installment looks set to take Simon back to his roots; that means 2D art, purple robes and the legendary Chris Barrie reprising his role as the titular sorcerer. If you don’t believe me here he is in a wizards hat no less:


Now over to the excellently named StoryBeasts to fill you in on Simon’s latest adventures:

Simon, now in his mid-thirties, works away in Calypso’s curio shop to pay off a long forgotten debt, still trying to find ways to get back to his own world. Meanwhile, in a strangely mirrored world, his opposite Simone is standing on stage at a wizard conference, about to receive a life-time achievement award. But before she is honoured, everyone discovers that their magic is no longer working and they once more turn to their hero to save them. Simone, not being used to having no power, contacts the one person who can save the world while (in the laziest way possible) – Simon. She opens a portal into the shop and, despite Simon’s urge to avoid doing anything harder than ‘nap’, she convinces/cajoles/harasses him into helping (well, he sees a dimensional portal and thinks “great, a way home!”). Finding that events in one world can shape those in the other, they work together to tear holes in reality to allow the magic to flow back to its rightful place. But strangely enough tearing holes in fabric of existence isn’t exactly the safest thing do to… Can they fix the magical imbalance? Will they find out who is behind it in the first place? Can Simon steal Simone’s portal opening abilities and get home?

Expect more details and a fully fledged Kickstarter by the end of the month, I for one think this is all terribly exciting, though my bank account may disagree… More on this when we have it.

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