Skyrim to get Creation Club and premium Surival Mode

If 2017 has proven anything, it’s that Bethesda still isn’t done with Skyrim.

Between new ports on Playstation VR and Nintendo Switch, as well as last years’ Special Edition re-release, there’s still life in the old Forsworn yet.

And to add to it, Bethesda is adding Creation Club support to their flagship game, while also offering a new Survival Mode in October. In it, players will need to check on their stamina, they’ll have to monitor their sleeping patterns, and even keep themselves warm.

Players will also need to eat regularly to ensure they don’t starve, while Fast Travel will be unavailable.

The DLC isn’t without controversy, though. Many users bemoan paying for a piece of content they deem as similar to existing free mods already out there. That, and Fallout 4 got the same type of content offered to players for free earlier this year.

Bethesda have responded in saying that Survival Mode will be free one week after its launch for both PC and console owners. But those that miss out will have to pay a price yet to be revealed.

No word on if this will make it into the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of the game as Bethesda remain tight-lipped on whether Creation Club will be implemented. In fact, Bethesda have been tight-lipped as to which version of the game players will get on Switch at all.

Skyrim Creation Club and Survival Mode are expected in early October. More as we get it.

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