Sonic Lost World Receiving ‘NiGHTMARE’ Pre-Order Bonus Content.

All pre-orders of the latest Sonic title headed to the WiiU ‘Sonic the Lost Worlds’ (which I can’t deny is looking like the most promising Sonic title to come from Sonic Team for some time) are going to be receiving bonus pre-order DLC containing  boss battles against against the ‘Deadly Six’ from the other popular Sonic Team title  Night’s into Dreams. 


Titles the NiGHTMARE pack the Deadly Six will be provided via downloadable code exclusively for the WiiU version of the game. So better get that pre-order in for this hotly anticipated Sonic title! Upon defeating the Deadly Six players will unlock an exclusive Sonic color.



The game will be available in Europe come October the 22nd, which for myself can’t come soon enough!

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