Sonic Origins launches today with remasters of original classics

Sonic Origins zooms its way onto gaming platforms today, remastering the blue hedgehog’s classic adventures.

Now available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, you can play Sonic 1, 2, CD, and the complete Sonic 3 experience (including Knuckles)

The remastered versions let you play all games in a new widescreen format, removing scan lines. You’ll also get additional game modes and missions within Origins, which let you earn points to unlock items in an in-game museum.

Of course, traditionalists can still play the games as originally intended via a Classic Mode.

New animated cutscenes have also been included to enhance the experience even further and make the stories synchronise in a way that will appeal to those watching Sonic cartoons and who have recently enjoyed the new movies.

Sonic Origins is now available.

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