Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition releases Jan 19 and introduces new features

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is the definitive SFV experience as it adds all content in one package, and introduces some new features.

Releasing on January 19th, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition provides access to all downloadable content updates, such as Season 1 and 2 DLC characters, the Cinematic Story Mode, and Versus CPU Mode.

A free update also launches today which adds new content to the Arcade Mode. There are six story paths, each of which represents a main Street Fighter title. The paths will include familiar characters to that SF title and there is an online leaderboard support as well as 200 custom illustrations.

In addition, there are Second V-Triggers for all characters, a Team-Battle Mode, Extra Battle Mode, Special Challenges, as well as a gallery to see unlocked Arcade Mode Illustrations, a redesigned UI, 3D Costume Previews, Sound options, and more.

Season 3 will also begin today with Sakura being available to earn through in-game currency or purchasing seperately. Sakura will be followed by Sagat, Cody and Blanka, as well as new characters Falke and G through 2018.


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