Street Fighter V Capcom Pro Tour 2019 DLC Premier Pass blasts onto the scene

CPT 2019 Costumes are now available for Street Fighter V with a brand new Capcom Pro Tour 2019 Premier Pass.

To celebrate the World Tournament Circuit, Capcom have released another awesome bundle for £15.99 which adds two new costumes, with a third to be revealed, a new stage, bonus Fight Money, themes, and more.

Kage and Sagat have received a new look, with Sagat wearing a fur robe, and Kage getting a three piece suit with white gloves. Meanwhile, the Champion’s Choice Costume has yet to be revealed and that will come at a later date.

Default EX08 colours for all original 16 characters, as well as Season 1-4 characters are also bundled in here, along with a Ring of Justice stage, 5 special in-game titles, 2 exclusive CPT2019 fighter’s profile themes, and a bonus of 10,000 Fight Money.

CPT 2019 costumes can also be purchased separately.

In addition, a Mech Costumes Bundle is also available for £7.99 which does what it says on the tin by providing you Mech Costumes for Zangief, F.A.N.G, Juri, and Abigail. On top of that, there’s a Jin Saotome Costume for Ryu, and Colours 3-10 for all of the aforementioned costumes.

The cherry on the top of this particular pack is that you get Jin’s theme music from Marvel vs Capcom as a background track. Pretty cool!

All this on top of the Mega Man costumes set to arrive as DLC for Street Fighter V very soon and it seems 2019 is going to be bigger than ever for Capcom’s fighter.

Both packs are available now on PC and PS4.

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