Street Fighter V will get a major dose of Mega Man with new costume DLC

Two new Mega Man themed costumes are being added to Street Fighter V for $3.99 each.

You can now dress up Sakura as Roll, the sweet robot created by Dr Light, or Ryu as Mega Man himself.

Capcom made the announcement quite unexpectedly and even released a trailer to show what you’re getting when they release on February 26.

If that’s not quite enough, though, Capcom will also be releasing a Red Earth costume, with Alex being able to dress up as Leo from Red Earth.

Zangief will also get a ‘Gief Fighting Chance’ costume and there are going to be extra Battle Mech costumes which can be earned in game through Extra Battle and Fighting Chance.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is available on PS4 or PC with all the new costumes to follow over the next few days.


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