Streets of Rage 4 getting both premium and free DLC

Streets of Rage 4 is getting a bunch of new content throughout the year, in both premium and free update form.

The free update will add a New Mania+ difficulty to make things even more challenging. You’ll also be able to play everything in a new colour palette and even dive into an all-new training system.


As for the premium DLC, known as Mr X Nightmare – a homage to past games – three new fighters will be added to the game, including Estel Aguirre. Aguirre is an ex-officer who joins forces with the street renegades and has a series of stylish kicks and punches to put down foes.

Two more characters are still to be revealed. The content will also feature new music from the composer, Tee Lopes.

Streets of Rage 4: Mr X Nightmare is coming later this year.

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