Super Mario 3D All-Stars Confirmed for limited release until March 2021

Three of Mario’s greatest 3D adventures are coming together in one bundle for the very first time.

Super Mario 3D All Stars bundles Mario 64, Mario Sunshine, and Mario Galaxy together both digitally and physically.

And guess what? It’s out in two weeks with a release of September 18th!

Here’s the odd thing. The collection will only be available until the end of March 2021. The reasons? Unknown.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is conspicuous by its absence, so it’s possible Nintendo could add that into the mix later.

The physical run of the game is also only going to have a limited run, so it could be a supply issue. But that doesn’t really explain why the digital version is going away.

In any event, you’ll want to make sure you pick up your copy in good time so you don’t miss out.

And if you can’t wait that long, Nintendo also dropped the original Mario All Stars game on Super Nintendo Online today with updated music. That’ll help make time pass a bit quicker!

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