Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct on January 16 will reveal upcoming DLC Fighter 5

Nintendo have confirmed that there will be a Smash Bros Ultimate Direct on January 16 for an upcoming DLC fighter.

One has to assume that this Direct will reveal the fifth and final DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, concluding Fighter Pass 1.

It had been long speculated Nintendo would do a Direct of some sort on the 16th, with many expecting a fully fledged Nintendo Direct.

This follows last weeks’ Pokémon Direct which gave us details on two new DLC expansions for Sword and Shield.

Speculation is fervent on the new fighter, with a list of names growing all the time. The Direct is scheduled for 35 minutes and will provide players an in-depth look at the new fighter.

As with previous Smash Bros Ultimate Directs, game Director Mashario Sakurai will present. The Direct happens at 15:00 CET on January 16th.

Who do you think Fighter 5 will be?

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