Most Anticipated DLC of 2020

It’s a transitionary year with a new generation of consoles in sight but we still have some incredible content to come in 2020.

There’s still so much we don’t know about games in 2020, but what we do know already has us plenty excited.

Frostpunk The Last Autumn

Launch Date – January 21

Platform – PC

This stunning Frostpunk prequel will show the player how the icy cold post-apocalyptic world of Frostpunk came to be on January 21.

This adds a full-blown scenario with game-changing mechanics, fresh lore and narrative, and unique architecture. With the content, new buildings can be constructed, new strategies applied, and exciting steam-powered technologies can be discovered. A further expansion is also expected later this year, known as Project Tvadgycgjr.

Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind

Launch Date – January 23 (PS4) February 25 (XO) 

Platform – XO, PS4

One of the biggest pieces of content this year is also one of the first to release. Last year finally saw the return of Kingdom Hearts and Square Enix are continuing the adventures with the Re:Mind DLC beginning January 23.

Without venturing too deeply into KH3 spoilers, this DLC takes place shortly before the events at the end of KH3. The content will include new Keyblades and Formchanges, as well as new cutscenes, secret bosses, and the ability to switch between characters. Not much longer to wait for this one!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate – New Fighters

Launch Date – February 2020 and throughout the year

Platform – Switch

The final Fighter in Fighter Pass 1 for Super Smash Bros Ultimate is expected before the end of February and the speculation keeps on mounting.

All sorts of names are being thrown around, like Waluigi, Sora, Dante, and even Master Chief. It’s one of the most mysterious pieces of content in recent memory and it won’t stop there as Nintendo have confirmed Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be receiving more fighters throughout 2020. One thing is for sure is that nothing is for sure, although we’re very sure to be talking about Smash much more in 2020.

Control – The Foundation

Launch Date – March 26 2020

Platform – PC, PS4, XO

The first of two massive Control expansions are coming this year, with the first focusing on the mysterious and ever-interesting Oldest House on March 26.

In this DLC, players will delve into the history of the Oldest House per the request of the board and discover what lies underneath the Bureau. And we’re told to expect things to get weird. Count us in!

Pokémon Sword/Shield – The Isle of Armor

Launch Date – June 2020

Platform – Switch

Only recently announced, two massive expansions are coming to both Pokémon Sword and Shield, beginning June 2020 with The Isle of Armor.

While details are still coming in, we know The Isle of Armor is focused on growth and nature, made up of dunes, caves, and sea. There’s lots of changes, including a new area to explore, lots of historic Pokémon to find, a new mentor and rival, new Gigantamax forms and much more. This will surely be one of the biggest pieces of content in 2020.

Control – AWE

Launch Date – Summer 2020

Platform – PC, XO, PS4

Arguably, the most anticipated piece of DLC this year will be the second Control expansion, featuring a highly anticipated crossover with Alan Wake this Summer.

There’s no firm date or details yet, but we know that Jesse Faden will get to explore a new area of the Oldest House and take a look at some Altered World Events. Now Remedy have the Alan Wake rights back, and with all the clues in the base game, we think it’s a safe bet to assume these two characters are about to meet up. But how and why?

Pokémon Sword/Shield – The Crown Tundra

Launch Date – Fall 2020

Platform – Switch

The second of two major expansions for Sword and Shield will come later in the year and take players to an icy interpretation of Scotland in The Crown Tundra.

Most excitingly, this piece of DLC will add a co-op mode to Sword and Shield where you and a buddy will be able to raid together to catch classic legendaries not previously available in the game, like Mewtwo and Groudon. For many, this will be a gamechanger and add even more value to one of 2019’s most popular games!

The Outer Worlds – Story DLC

Launch Date – 2020

Platform – PC, PS4, XO, Switch

One of the most exciting pieces of news towards the end of the year was that The Outer Worlds would be receiving some story-based DLC in 2020.

We know very little about what’s coming, other than the DLC will expand the story, though we’re not sure whether this will be a premium or freemium update. With the award-winning RPG coming to Switch before the end of March, we’ll hopefully have more news then.

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course

Launch Date – 2020

Platform – PC, XO, Switch

Announced as far back as E3 2018 and then delayed through to 2020, we know there’s some huge Cuphead DLC coming at some point this year.

Entitled The Delicious Last Course, you’ll be able to play as Ms Chalice, who offers new abilities and weapons. You’ll also be able to explore the brand new Inkwell Island filled with new bosses and levels. One has to assume this will launch sometime before Xbox Series X over the Holiday Period, but it could also be available at launch for the system. So, who knows.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Skyrim 

Launch Date – 2020

Platform – PC, PS4, XO, 

Bethesda broke the big news that this year TESO players will get to return to Skyrim as part of the new major expansion in 2020.

We don’t have a full title yet, though details are expected imminently. If this follows trend, we imagine the Skyrim expansion will be available around summer time, with four other smaller DLC packs scattered through the year to tie in with the story. This one could be a blockbuster, so stay tuned!

Shenmue III DLC

Launch Date – 2020

Platform – PC, PS4, XO, 

What a year 2019 was, not only bringing Kingdom Hearts back to us but also Shenmue. And 2020 will see both adventures continue, with Shenmue III also receiving a Season Pass. We know very little about the content, only to say that it’s story-based and might be a sub-plot focused on Zhang.

Coming as part of the Complete DLC collection, three add-on packs are promised, with at least one offering some story-based content. Other packs are also expected to add casino games and another will be combat focused.

Borderlands III DLC

Launch Date – 2020

Platform – PC, PS4, XO, 

While we’ve already had one Borderlands III expansion with Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome as well as multiple in-game events, we know of at least three more DLC packs coming in 2020.

No announcements or release dates have been made as yet, but there will be plenty more Borderlands 3 to go around throughout 2020, and with the measure of surprise already provided in pack one, we’re sure there’ll be lots of juicy content to sink your teeth into.

Marvel’s Avengers

Launch Date – 2020

Platform – PC, PS4, XO,

Much like the Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC, we expect all future Marvel’s Avengers DLC content to be shrouded in excitement and mystery.

Square Enix have confirmed that new content will be coming to the game years after launch as free DLC. The game’s narrative will continue to play out over an extended period time and the game’s initial launch lineup of Avengers aren’t the only ones you’ll get to play. With Marvel’s Avengers releasing in May, we expect at least one new character to drop before the end of 2020. But who will it be?

Cyberpunk 2077

Launch Date – 2020

Platform – PC, PS4, XO,

Now that CD Projekt RED’s highly anticipated next game is almost upon us, the rumour mill is churning what kind of post-launch content the game will get.

It’s been confirmed that the game will get ‘substantial’ free DLC post-launch, as well as larger, likely premium expansions. Many anticipate the game will follow a similar DLC model to The Witcher 3 – which had 16 DLC packs near launch, then got two much larger story expansions. We also know that multiplayer has been confirmed and will be implemented into the game at a later date. One of 2020’s biggest games also seems like it will have an extensive post-launch content roadmap and is sure to be a big talking point here and everywhere else over the next twelve months!

That’s a lot of DLC, but did we miss any? Shout out below!

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