Super Smash Bros Ultimate x Minecraft DLC arrives October 13

One of the biggest gaming crossovers in quite some time is happening later this month.

Announced earlier this week, Minecraft is coming to Smash, and we now know it will arrive on October 13th.

Revealed as part of Fighters Pass 2, you can also purchase the content separately for £5.39 / $5.99.

Minecraft Steve and Alex can mine the map and then players can actually build things at a crafting table (introduced with block)

You can level up the pickaxe five times – from wood to diamond – and actually use materials to add more potency to attacks.

The DLC will also feature 7 new music tracks, and a brand new stage – Minecraft World – with six different biomes which change randomly with each match.

Discussions between Mojang and Nintendo apparently began five years ago to make this crossover happens, just to give you some idea how long these things take!

Smash x Minecraft releases October 13th on Nintendo Switch.

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