Super Smash Bros. Wii U Gets a Bunch of New Content

Wii U’s fantastic brawl-em-up Super Smash Bros. is today getting a whopping 316MB update to bring it up to version 1.0.2. The update has a host of general improvements and gameplay tweaks and more importantly 15 new stages coming for 8-Player Smash! The new stages are split between ‘Normal’ and ‘Omega’ stages, take a look below for the full list:


Mario Circuit (Brawl)
Luigi’s Mansion
Lylat Cruise
Pokémon Stadium 2
Town and City
Wii Fit Studio


Mario Galaxy
Mario Circuit (Brawl)
The Great Cave Offensive
Lylat Cruise
Pokémon Stadium 2
Animal Crossing: Town and City

Here’s the official trailer if you missed it the first time around:

Super Smash Bros. may have launched back in November but those fine folks at Nintendo are still beavering away on new content with a free Miiverse stage, the Mewtwo character and tournament mode all due out soon; we will give you all the info we have as soon as we hear anything.

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