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Mars War Logs: Overview

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive Developer: Spiders Release Date: Out Now Format: Xbox 360, PS3, PC Version Tested: Xbox 360 Price: 1200MSP / £11.99 So, here’s a trial-by-fire for a first-time game reviewer! Mars: War Logs, an action-RPG from Spiders Games, a small French company with a few titles under their…

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Saints Row 4: Overview

When you start out as a spoof of a popular intellectual property, its best to know when to let it go. Take a look at the Scary Movie films for instance. They stopped being funny after (and even during) the first. Its pretty clear to any man, woman and child…

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Expansive Overview: State of Decay

Like sex, Zombies sell.  We’re obsessed with them. So it may come as no surprise that Undead Labs’ open-world zombie survival horror sold over 250,000 copies in the first 48 hours of its release and has become the second fastest selling Xbox Live Arcade title in the history of the…

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Expansive Overview: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

The most unusual thing about Blood Dragon is that Ubisoft insist it is related to Far Cry 3. How these games match up is anyone’s guess. Fortunately, this confusion is a secret weapon for Blood Dragon. It plays in a slightly familiar way to one of last year’s most beloved…

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