Shadow Warrior

As We Play

Shadow Warrior – As We Play

Format – XO Version – 1.01 We obsessed, reflected and dreamed about Duke Nukem Forever for 12 years, but when it came to the crunch, the game let us down on just about every level. Such was Duke 3D’s influence and impact that anticipation of a sequel reached fever pitch,…


Shadow Warrior 1.1.1 makes some new fixes

Shadow Warrior 1.1.1 releases today and works on several isolated issues, such as random crashes, saving warlord weapons and the Drain Soul cooldown bug. The fixes are, as follows… – Additional optimization for SSAO in Ultra setting. – Fixed a bug that caused Xing’s armor pieces to become invisible. –…


Shadow Warrior adds Survival Mode

Shadow Warrior has just received a sizeable free update that adds a brand new mode. Survival Mode puts you against the world in three separate battle arenas, all built from the ground up for mayhem and anarchy. The update can be grabbed right now, but that’s not all the Lo…

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