Team Deathmatch comes to Tomb Raider. Oh, boy…

It’s about to get messy. Details have leaked ahead of the Tomb Raider multiplayer preview from OXM, and, well, it’s definitely going to split opinion down the middle.

If this leak is to be believed (and it does look pretty darn convincing) we now know of at least three different modes, including team deathmatch, accompanying the single player component of Lara’s latest adventure. There is a twist, however. Team Deathmatch pits survivors against hostile natives in a ‘best of three’ with players alternating between sides. The twist? There are lever-based traps that can be used to kill the enemy, as well as destructible environments.

Rescue is another mode which sees survivors delivering medi-kits to set destinations, while scavengers aim to stop them by racking up kills.

Finally, Cry for Help, which apparently focuses on exploration and collection, not combat.

Lara's going to cause a stir in March

Lara’s going to cause a stir in March

Players will earn XP by playing through modes. This can be used to develop abilities, improve stats and ‘buy’ characters. Weapons used in the single-player can also be accessed through the loadouts of certain multiplayer characters, such as the crossbow,

Tomb Raider multiplayer will also feature a ‘bleed-out’ and buddy revival system.

Why are we reporting on this? Because, almost certainly, some form of DLC will take advantage of these mode in 2013. The question is, will you play it? Are you disappointed this isn’t the ‘Guardian of Light’ style multiplayer that Eidos Montreal said inspired them?

(Source: OXM, Official Tomb Raider Forums)

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