Tekken 7 looks set to receive a fourth season of DLC

With Tekken 7 just finishing up its third Season of DLC, a Steam update may have inadvertently revealed a fourth.

Tekken 7 Season 3 featured Leroy, Ganryu, Zafina, and Fahkumram which just dropped, along with a new stage.

It doesn’t seem as if the game is done yet, though, as the Steam DB for Tekken 7 was updated a few days ago to add spaces for five new pieces of DLC.

Previous seasons have included four characters, plus a stage, so this would certainly make plenty of sense. The question is, which characters will feature, and when will a formal announcement be made?

Tekken 7 has already had guest star appearances from the likes of Noctis from Final Fantasy XIV and Negan from The Walking Dead. Could more be on the way?

Either way, don’t be surprised to get a more official reveal very soon!

(Source Steam DB)

(Via Event Hubs)

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