Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories is dishing out the DLC

Disaster Report 4 has finally made its way to the West this week and has brought a ton of DLC with it.

There’s a wealth of free costumes, for starters, including

Additionally, there’s a free Epilogue Part 1 and Fade Into Memory Bundle which includes

  • Epilogue Part 2
  • Until It Becomes a Memory Theme
  • Natsumi Higa Avatar
  • Akemi Towada Avatar
  • Yayoi Kashara Avatar
  • Shun Kirishima Avatar
  • Masayoshi Kumazawa Avatar

You can also pick up some premium DLC if that’s not enough for you, though.

The Judo Black Belt Outfit runs for £1.19. As does the Embroidered Dragon Satin Jacket.

Finally, there’s a Competitive Swimsuit costume also at the same price.

That’s certainly a lot of DLC dropping on day one! We’ve got our hands on a copy of the game, so will be reporting back soon what we think.

Have you played Disaster Report 4? What do you think?

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