The Callisto Protocol content detailed through to 2023

It’s a huge launch day in December, seeing three huge titles drop including the highly anticipated Callisto Protocol.

To celebrate, the team at Striking Distance have announced the content you can expect to see going into 2023 with the first major drop coming February 7.

A free update for all players adds New Game + as well as a brutal sounding ‘Hardcore Mode’. Season Pass holders will also get an ‘Outer Way Skin Collection’ on the same day.

In March, the Contagion Bundle will release which, according to the blurb, is an all new mode where you have ‘reduced ammo and health drops’, along with ‘customized difficulty and permadeath’. This also adds ‘thirteen new Jacob death animations and the Watchtower Skin Collection’.

In the Spring, the Riot Bundle will release where you get visit a ‘previously undiscovered area of Black Iron Prison’ and ‘gather credits to upgrade your weapons or forge new ones’. Riot is an all-new mode that will be added to the game and also ‘includes twelve new enemy death animations’ as well as ‘the Engineer Skin Collection’.

Finally, in the Summer, some new Story content will be added to the game but we’re expecting more details on that in the future!

The Callisto Protocol launches today across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

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