The Division 2 Year 1 Pass enhances the game with DLC until March 14 2020

The Division 2 is now available across most platforms and with it, the Year 1 Pass full of extra DLC.

This Year 1 Pass will add extra content to the game until March 14, 2020, unlocking all Year 1 Specializations.

At the moment, there’s just three in game once you reach Level 30, but throughout the year, Ubisoft will add three more specializations. The incentive for owning the Year 1 Pass is you unlock them immediately as opposed to unlocking during playtime.

Additionally, Year 1 Pass holders will get some exclusive cosmetic items along with the reach of each Specialization.

Owning the pass for £32.99 you also get 7 day early access to all of the Year 1 Narrative Episodes, and exclusive access to 8 Classified Assignments. Completing each, gives you a special backpack trophy.

Additional Bounties and Projects are also thrown in, tasking you with eliminating specific enemy targets, while completing one additional Bounty per week.

Finally, an Agent Ward Outfit and Scout emote are given to Year 1 Pass holders and are available via your Mailbox Stash.

The Year 1 Pass is now available seperately for £32.99.

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