The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor releases on PC May 26, June 9 on consoles

The Elder Scrolls Online next major expansion Greymoor has a rescheduled release date.

It’s still due in May, but it will now launch on PC and Mac on May 26th, just one week behind the original schedule.

Update 26 is on the PTS, which means the team are confident in this release date, despite the challenges of remote working.

Matt Firor, Game Director, said in a recent blog post ‘we have more people playing ESO right now than at any point since 2015’ and, for now at least, the ‘servers have been holding up under the strain’.

The console version of the expansion will then hit on June 9th, just one week later.

The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor will see players return to the world of Skyrim for new adventures.

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