The Outer Worlds DLC announcement teased for Xbox Games Showcase

It seems highly likely that we’ll be getting some Outer Worlds DLC news this Thursday.

A tweet rolled out today which directs people to the Outer Worlds website and encourages ’employees’ of Halcyon to take a break.

Then when you head to the website it tells you to ‘Stay Tuned’ for a ‘Special Message from Spacer’s Choice’.

With Obsidian being bought out by Microsoft and the Xbox Games Showcase being the biggest gaming story of the week, everything is lining up for a big reveal.

It’s possible the DLC could even drop on Thursday as we first heard it was in development back at The Game Awards in December.

It’s also possible it could be available as launch content for the Xbox Series X along with a patch to upgrade the game for the new console.

Guess we’ll find out more in a few days.

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