The Survivalists Farming Update introduces crops and combat changes from today

The Survivalists is getting a free content update today which is centered around farming.

Console owners can now benefit from the update PC owners have been enjoying which lets you plant and harvest crops. You can even plant and rear plants which defend you from incoming attacks.

Monkeys can, of course, be taught to do this for you through the game’s Mimic system, and there’s also new structures, recipes, and items to help out.

Combat has also seen an upgrade with more control over attacks, as well as lunging and knockbacks, with adjustments to stamina.

Further, there’s new dyeing and weapon benches, net and fish traps, and a grindstone for weapon improvements.

The free content is available from today across all formats. We enjoyed The Survivalists when we played last year, and we’re interested to see how these changes affect the flow of play.

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