Tiger Woods 14 not using microtransactions

EA’s marketing strategy becomes more confusing by the minute. After recently released Dead Space 3 featured a newly introduced in-game microtransaction model, it has been revealed that upcoming Tiger Woods 14 won’t be doing the same.

The Course Mastery system, a model that has been used in previous instalments of the Tiger Woods series, is being dropped altogether in favour of a more ‘traditional DLC approach’

The Course Mastery system in Tiger Woods 13 encouraged players to spend real money in order to unlock additional courses. Courses could be purchased using earned in-game currency, but progress was slow and many became tired of the ‘grind’

In a recent interview with IGN, however, Mike DeVault, Franchise Director said the Course Mastery system is being dropped altogether and they’re going back to the drawing board.

“We’ve taken that system out and are using a more traditional DLC approach,”

An interesting stance. This makes us think that Dead Space 3s’ microtransaction model was just implemented for experimental purposes, and isn’t exactly indicative of EA’s gaming future.

Or is it?

(via IGN)


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