My Time at Portia Winter Festival Part 1 is first content update

Team 17 published My Time at Portia has just received its first major content update in Winter Festival Part 1.

The update is available right now and adds six new missions, as well as house decorative items, new characters, toys, and story quest.

My Time at Portia is still in Steam Early Access and is in the process of building and growing and there’s more to come in March as teased by the development team.

For now, check out the full patch notes. There’s lots of them!

New content
  • Six new missions.
  • The first Winter Solstice mini-game – Hotpot!
  • New house decoration items.
  • Wallpapers and floorings now available in the A & G Construction store.
  • Players may now change the wallpaper and flooring of their house.
  • A new story quest to use Ack as a helper around the workshop.
  • One additional hairstyle for both male and female characters.
  • A recovery machine in the Research Centre to recover relics by using data discs.
  • New character! Siwa, and his house in the desert.
  • New toy! The Bubble Wand.
Other additions
  • Added level 20 equipment models.
  • Added the ability for players to get a discount on acupuncture when you have high relationship points with Phyllis.
  • Added the ability for players to get a discount in store when you have high relationship points with Gust.
  • Added the ability for players to increase critical damage values when you have high relationship points with Arlo.
  • Added an in-game guide that is triggered the first time players find relic pieces.
  • Added the ability to add more than one piece of raw material into the fire-powered generator at the same time.
  • Added the ability to interact with Mint, who will leave after the player fixes the bridge. He will be back, though!
  • Added feedback from the dummy when Arlo takes the fighting exercise with him.
  • Added one additional background music track in Hazardous Ruins.
  • Added the ability for players to use consumable items in the shortcut bar by pressing the numeric keys.
  • Added the Holiday Guide.
  • Added a DeeDee stop near the Portia Bridge.
  • Ability to interact with the slot machines using a controller.
  • Added Chinese voice acting for Remington.
  • Adjusted the drop rate of relic pieces.
  • Adjusted the reaction of NPCs after interacting with them (they’ll pause before they turn to leave).
  • Optimised attack animations
  • An overloaded fire powered generator will no longer power off, but reduce the production speed instead.
  • Concealed NPC name and all mission-related icons when they’re sleeping.
  • Changed the walking path of Emily when she has items that she helped collect; she will wander around in front of the house.
  • Changed the frequency of NPCs who travel to Portia town.
  • Changed the available time period for Day of the Bright Sun to 10 AM – 2 PM.
  • Players can now date or otherwise interact with Ginger near her house.
  • Removed all Madcrabs around the rest stop.
  • Adjusted the damage output of the Rat King’s continuous attack.
  • Adjusted the distance of Chemical Dropout’s continuous attack.
  • The desert will now be uncovered after building the bridge.
  • Adjusted McDonald’s attack.
  • Adjusted how relationship points are calculated when gifting items during festivals and birthdays.
  • The game will now properly check the ability to create a save file upon starting a new game.
  • Adjusted the visible border of the Abandoned Ruins.
  • Befriended NPCs will now attend wedding ceremonies.
  • Adjusted rain visuals for low end hardware configurations.
  • The player’s headwear (if equipped) will automatically be hidden when getting a haircut at the Barber shop.
  • Players can no longer be killed by enemies during conversations.
  • Fish will no longer die from over-eating.
  • Fixed the crash caused by the ‘The Bassanio Lift’ mission.
  • Fixed the conversation error with Addit after the ‘Saving the Tree Farm’ mission.
  • Fixed an issue related to the ‘Bassanio Lift’ mission.
  • Fixed an issue where followers would be pulled into sparring.
  • Fixed some bugs related to the Day of Bright Sun.
  • Fixed a potential issue when the player is holding three newly caught fish.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to properly move around the
  • Barber Shop.
  • Fixed textures in Hazardous Ruins level 4 rooms.
  • Fixed issues relating to Hazardous Ruins.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when meeting a new NPC for the first time.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when entering the Abandoned Ruins.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent loading of save files.
  • Fixed an issue that might prevent players from initiating the fishing mini-game.
  • Fixed an issue with the display of grass.
  • Fixed issues with certain trees around Dr. Xu’s clinic.
  • Fixed an issue related to the Portia Bridge mission.
  • Fixed an issue related to fishing thread toughness skill not functioning properly.
  • Fixed an issue related to written letters appearing incorrectly.


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