Sea of Thieves Post-Launch DLC Roadmap revealed

The first two months post-launch of Sea of Thieves, Rare will be ‘as reactive as possible’.

That’s according to an interview with USGamer in which Rare acknowledge that they ‘have to consider how to continue to bring in revenue.’ with the staff they have. This is especially pertinent considering the game will launch on Xbox Game Pass on launch day, potentially depriving the title of its full revenue possibilities.

The first expansions will appear after a few months, and the first major update for the game will ‘add the option for players to spend money, if they want.’ says Joe Neate, Executive Producer at Rare.

However, Neate is also keen to stress that this is not going to be a loot box system, saying ‘We thought about what the right way was to allow people to spend money in our game, and for us it’s about the social side of things.’

According to USGamer, items said to be included will be pets for players, ‘roughly three months after the launch of Sea of Thieves.’ Interestingly, though, Neate suggests that players who haven’t bought the pet can actually interact with it. ‘You can pick up the monkey, or I can pick up your monkey, and I can run away with your monkey and drop it over the side of the ship.’

Hopefully these pets can’t die, or you’re going to be dealing with some angry customers.

Rare’s other post-launch ambitions for the game will go to the end of the year, and see various Legendary Voyages for players to embark on, as well as gain ‘access to a secret hideout’ and ‘attaining the status of a Pirate Legend’.

You can also expect ‘new merchants, trading posts, and trading companies.’ according to Neate.

Give the full interview a read as it’s a really insightful look into the entire DLC and post-launch roadmap, at least as far as 2018 goes. We’re sure there will be much more to announce in the next six months and beyond.

(Source: USGamer)


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