Troy: A Total War Saga to receive Ajax & Diomedes Faction Pack on January 28

Following its free release on the Epic Games Store last year, a premium DLC will launch for Troy: A Total War Saga this month.

Ajax & Diomedes is a DLC pack which adds the two heroes to the game, along with new campaign additions, veteran Paragon units, and more.

There will also be two new factions added to the mix – Salamis and Argos – with nine units for each. Salamis will get

  • Ajax’s Wall
  • Ajax’s Companions
  • Island Spearmen
  • Locrian Slingers
  • Salamis Marines
  • Salamis Spearmen
  • Salamis Swordsmen
  • Teucer’s Bowmen
  • Veteran Locrian Slingers

Meanwhile Argos will receive

  • Argive Axemen
  • Night Runners
  • Argive Raiders
  • Argive Slingers
  • Armoured Argive Slingers
  • Argive Swordsmen
  • Heroic Axe Runners
  • Renowned Axemen
  • Argive Swordmasters

The new expansion will cost £7.99 and also ties into a free update for the game which adds Hephaestus, to the Divine Will system as well as the Divine Craftsman Epic Agent.

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