Two Point Hospital will go off the grid with new DLC on March 18

Two Point Hospital just got a wide release on consoles and is now gearing up for its fourth DLC pack.

Following Pebberley Island, Close Encounters and Bigfoot, the fourth expansion will be called Off the Grid and will add new game mechanics, as well as regions and climates.

Naturally, as well, there will be a bunch of new illnesses to tackle and cure across three new cities.

The aim in this expansion is to build an eco-friendly hospital using Mayor Tabitha Windsock’s Department of Green Things, which researches healing methods which are environmentally friendly.

The blog announcement post goes on to say that you’ll be listening to ‘furtive whisperings by the camp fire in the remote corners of Wanderoff County Park’, while also visiting the ‘bustling eco city of Windsock’.

Off the Grid releases on PC on March 18th for £6.29. No word on console releases as yet.