Universal patents hint at Mario Kart ride

If some leaked patents are to be believed, we might be looking at a unique Mario Kart ride in Universal Studios within the next few years.

A drift-racer, two-rider, car-based amusement attraction is currently being considered. This would simulate drifting sensations and see you compete against other cars. Both passengers would also have something to do, with the person in the front seat being the driver and the rear passenger having access to an interface that bounces the car, sets off a boost, and even affects performance of other vehicles.

The two passenger nature of the vehicle strongly hints at Mario Kart Double Dash and definitely ties in with the newly announced collaboration between the two parties.


Further written patents have also been uncovered from back in October which go into further detail about the drifting possibilities and more.

Another patent also hints at – what could be – a Donkey Kong Rollercoaster. There’s a standard minecart for the ride vehicle , but it’s also attached to a unique arm. The illusion would be that riders are on a standard track system, but the arm is actually connected to a second track lower down that riders cannot see. So, for example, if there appears to be a break in the tracks, this would create added suspense as you believe the ride will crash, but the arm enables the cart to ‘jump over’ the breaks and keep the ride moving forward. Sounds very Donkey Kong Country to me…


Obviously none of this is confirmed and it’s probably going to be sometime before we hear anything definitive, but these patents have generally been on the money in the past, including unintentionally early reveals for both the Kong and Fast and Furious rides.

More as we get it.

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