Uno Flip turns the tables with new DLC add on

In some unexpected, but very welcome news today, Uno just got a brand new DLC.

Available across all formats, players can now grab UNO Flip which offers double-sided decks to traditional gameplay.

You can now switch between light and dark sides by playing the new Flip card which inverts everything when played, in the discard and draw piles.

Each player will also have their hands affected and see all new action cards added to the game. The press release tells us they work, as follows…

  • Draw One Card – When this card is played, the next player must draw one card and miss their turn.
  • Wild Draw Two Card – Play this card to choose the color that continues to play and make the next player draw two cards and lose their turn.
  • Draw Five Card  When this card is played, the next player must draw five cards and miss their turn.
  • Skip Everyone Card – This card can swing games as it skips everyone in line and gives the player who placed it an extra turn.
  • Wild Draw Color Card – Once this card is in play, the player chooses a color for the next player to draw. No matter how many cards it takes, the next player must keep drawing until they find the chosen color, and they also lose their turn.

A new UNO Ultimate Edition is also available which comes with Flip as well as all the current DLC for the game.

UNO Flip and UNO Ultimate Edition are now available on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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