UNO gets Immortals Crossover with Fenyx’s Quest DLC

A surprise DLC for UNO has launched today to celebrate the release of the first DLC for Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

Fenyx’s Quest costs £3.99 and adds new features and decks to UNO which pay homage to the Golden Isle.

Available across all platforms, players will play on a Golden Isle board with the Immortals soundtrack playing in the background and will receive one of four ‘blessings’ from the Gods.

They are, as follows…

  • Aphrodite: Become immune to all damage from Typhon.
  • Hephaistos: For every three cards played, discard all cards of a specific colour.
  • Athena: When opponent draws a card after not having a match, discard a random card.
  • Ares: Each time a card is played, two random cards of the same colour are discarded.

Fenyx’s Quest can be purchased for £3.99 or can be purchased as part of the UNO Ultimate Edition for £15.99 on PC, PS4/5, Xbox, Switch, and soon on Stadia.

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