Valve Trademark Half Life 3.

I personally am a sucker for speculation and while speculation doesn’t come much bigger these days in the form of Half life 3 and any news on the impending announcement of  this game can only be good news right? Well on September the 29th Valve officially filed a trademark for the name ‘Half Life 3’ with the European Unions office of Harmonization for the Internal Market.


Valve themselves are of course currently refusing to comment on the speculation of a 3rd title in their most popular games series that was last seen way back in 2007 with the release of Half Life 2:  Episode 2 and unfortunately simply filing the trademark doesn’t confirm that is is currently in development, (but it must be surely!….please?).

However Valve announced a lot of exciting new products to come from them in 2014 such as Steam OS, the Steam Controller and Steam ‘Box’s and of course has a history of using Half Life titles to promote It;s new products, the example being the retail launch of Half Life 2 requiring you to register with Steam, a massively unpopular decision at the time, yet I cannot think of a single PC gamer who wouldn’t have a Steam account these days.


So with Valve needing to convince we dear consumers of the new software and hardware  coming our way in 2014, what better way to do so than giving us Half Life 3?

I certainly hope this is the case.