DOTA 2: Like a Noob – Part 2

I’m like a new man. After weeks in the metaphorical gymnasium of DotA2  I’ve mastered the middle lane, last hitting has become second nature and I know how to deny – although I’m still crap at it. A big leap, i’m sure you’ll agree, from my first foray into the…


Gadget Show Live 2014 Indie Games

Gadget Show Live 2014 Indie Games The Gadget Show Live was a fantastic opportunity to experience and play some really interesting and inventive games currently in development within the Indie games scene, as well as a fewer bigger titles that have recently been released. All of the games, bar one,…


Valve Trademark Half Life 3.

I personally am a sucker for speculation and while speculation doesn’t come much bigger these days in the form of Half life 3 and any news on the impending announcement of  this game can only be good news right? Well on September the 29th Valve officially filed a trademark for…

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