Mediajuice reached its initial Kickstarter target of $60,000 in less than two weeks, and the money raised will be used to fund post-production on the film, to include editing, a musical score, motion graphics and the acquisition of licensed archival clips.


In addition to securing funding, Mediajuice has announced several new stretch goals including:

·      $80k: A celebrity voice over narration

·      $100k: Purchasing rights to use popular  songs in the film

·      $120k: A musical score created by a famous band and/or composer

Jeremy Snead, Director of Video Games: The Movie and president of Mediajuice Studios showed his gratitude to The crowd funding route allowed us to go out to a community of like-minded people, who are as passionate about this industry as we are. We are eternally grateful to them for helping to bring this movie to the silver screen. Thank you.”

Video Games: The Movie will ask the question “What is it to be a gamer?” this is something people should watch with their friends, or better still, gaming clans and guilds so we can unite as gamers. Keep your eye out for a release date

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