Visit The Isle of BIGSnax in a free Bugsnax update in 2022

As revealed during the recent PlayStation State of Play, you’ll be able to revisit Bugsnax next year with a bunch more content.

In this update, size definitely means everything as you’ll visit a new island that features the biggest Bugsnax you’ve ever seen, as well as a dozen new species.

There’s new mechanics to go along with this, such as Shrink Spice which can make the giant Snax easier to catch. Think the Gigantamax Pokemon from Sword and Shield.

What’s more, you can now have your own hut in Snaxburg and attend to over 100 challenges and quests from your mailbox. This will then let you kit out your pad with furniture and accessories.

You’ll even be able to dress up snax with Bughats, which sounds like an absolute joy.

What’s more, if you’re returning to Bugsnax after some time away, you’ll be able to immediately visit the Island, whereas you’ll need to unlock it through the story if you’re new to the game.

The Isle of BIGSnax launches as part of Bugsnax in 2022. For now, why not check out our coverage of the game?

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