Wargaming Alliance works with SEGA and Creative Assembly on Total War ARENA

In a genuinely exciting collaboration, Wargaming has joined up with SEGA and Creative Assembly to build a new game in the Total War universe under a new publishing label arm.

Wargaming Alliance will release free-to-play title Total War ARENA as its first release and will mix the massive battles the series is known for with tactical and strategic elements that have made the World of series so successful.

Jurgen Post, President and COO at SEGA Europe said

SEGA is constantly exploring ways in which its diverse range of IPs can be brought to a wider gaming audience. This strategic partnership with Wargaming, to release Total War: ARENA as the first game on the Wargaming Alliance platform, presents a unique opportunity for Creative Assembly’s eagerly anticipated creation to realize its full potential. Working with Wargaming, a market leader in the free-to-play space, and by utilizing their extensive experience and expertise in this area, SEGA is confident that Total War: ARENA will become the worldwide hit it deserves to be.


Total War Arena will be a free-to-play, team-based strategy game. You play as a hero of the past – either Greek, Roman or Barbarian – and command armies in 10v10 battles on ancient battlefields. Each hero will have unique abilities and their own story which you’ll be encouraged to explore.

There will also be the opportunity to command an army of thousands. It will be absolutely fascinating to see how mobile handles the scale of that!

More information as we get it.

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