Wargroove 1.2 adds Checkpoints, New Difficulty Presets, AI in Multiplayer Matches, QoL Fixes

Wargroove’s first massive update will go live tomorrow and brings with it a series of highly anticipated changes.

The biggest, perhaps most requested, is checkpoints. During each mission in Campaign mode, you can now set a checkpoint and will be able to retry the mission from that point. This checkpoint can be set at any point, but only one can be active at any time.

There will also be five difficulty presets – Story being the lowest, Hard the toughest. But there’s also a custom difficulty set where you can determine your own rules. Story limits you to just 1 star per mission, whereas Medium lets you get up to 3. Hard Missions are the only way you can obtain S-Ranks

Chucklefish have also added in lots of Multiplayer tweaks, including the ability to add CPU players to online games. Seven maps designed for co-op have also been added, but you can no longer suspend Quick Play matches.

Another big change is that skipping battles and cutscenes is faster, and Allies now share vision in Fog of War.

The update is scheduled to release tomorrow on PC, Switch, and Xbox One. No word on the PS4 patch as yet.

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