Watch Dogs Legion will receive new online modes on March 9

The online component of Watch Dogs: Legion will be available across all formats from March 9th.

The free update now allows free-roam co-op for up to four players, adding in new city events and challenges.

New missions using unique gameplay are also coming, with the focus still being on recruitment and building a team.


A PvP mode is also included, introducing the Spiderbot arena where up to four players fight in a free-for-all deathmatch.

There’s also a ‘Leader of the Pack’ mode which is up to four players Tactical Operations. There will apparently be five narrative missions, designed to be endgame content for Watch Dogs;Legion, and it will focus on working together with upgraded gadgets.

Season Pass holders will also get two new missions for single-player at the same time – Guardian Protocol and Not in Our Name

Future content plans are expected throughout 2021, with many expected to be free including an Invasion PvP mode, more characters, and new co-op missions.

The Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline story expansion will also begin through DLC, which includes the return of Aiden Pearce.

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