Wii U won’t feel the Zen of Pinball until January

We’re all about Zen and Pinball here. In fact, we refuse to play pinball unless we’re completely and utterly channelled with zen. So you can bet your beautiful booty that we’ve been highly anticipating the imminent arrival of Zen Pinball on Wii U.

Unfortunately, we received some bad news over the weekend.

Zen Studios, in collaboration with Nintendo Direct, previously stated that Zen Pinball would reach the Wii U eShop in December, but when the game didn’t appear this past Thursday, many believed that this promise would no longer be fulfilled.

Turns out they were right.

Wii U will be lacking Zen for a while longer

Wii U will be lacking Zen for a while longer

A curious Twitter user asked “tomorrow is the last Thursday of December. Does that mean Zen Pinball 2 #WiiU #eShop will release tomorrow?”

@Zen_studios replied “Sorry, not until January.”

However, in better news, another Twitter user asked “Does the Wii-U version have anything extra like more tables or exclusive features, etc, since we had to wait longer for it ?”

@zen_studios replied “It has tons of awesome features! It uses the gamepad in some pretty neat ways! :)”

Ooo-er-um. What could they mean? Will we be able to do all sorts of funky breathing exercises to accompany the action on the TV? Can we enter the ball and see the table from a first-person-view?

Most importantly, will we be able to touch our flippers?

Whatever Zen Studios have planned, you can bet we’ll be all over it like a disciplined rash (whatever that means…). The Zen Pinball download will be free, but Zen Studios will offer separate tables as DLC for a fee.

If you just can’t wait, however, Zen Pinball is on every other format known to humankind, so the wait shouldn’t be that painful.

(Source: NintendoLifeZen Studios Blog)

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