Wolfenstein Youngblood 1.0.5 rebalances weapons and adds more checkpoints

A massive new Wolfenstein Youngblood update has just gone live for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Switch owners will get this soon after, but this update fixes a lot of the constructive feedback people have thrown at the game.

One of the big changes is more checkpoints have been added to the game to offset some of the difficulty.

Weapon efficiency has also been rebalanced, with some weapons having increased damage and others reduced damage. Also, if you’re running low on ammo for a gun, you should be able to find a lot more.

Best of all, if you had poor ammo before death, you will respawn with a full clip.

One of our big problems was your sister’s AI during single player campaign and this update apparently makes some necessary tweaks, meaning she won’t keep running headfirst into danger.

Enemy health bars can also be toggled off to make the difficulty even harder if you don’t want to know how much damage you need to deal.

These changes sound pretty good and focus on several of the issues we have with the game. We’ll keep an eye out and continue to monitor.

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