Wolfenstein: Youngblood adds new chapter and free content

A major update has just hit for co-op shooter, Wolfenstein: Youngblood which adds a new chapter.

If you complete the Da’at Yichud Artifacts side quest, you will get a chapter which includes new locations where you can find plenty of goodies, including a chest that includes clues to a God key.

Inside a Nazi bunker and Parisian reservoir, you’ll contend against new enemies like an Electrodohne drone, turret-happy Laserhund and more.

Complete this Treasure Hunt mission and you’ll find 20 more Treasure Maps, with each one providing you XP, coins and ability points.

There are also new abilities to spend those points on, like a Quick Revive and a Dual Wield Expert.

All this and much more in this awesome free update. Learn more about it here.


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