PokéStop Nominations are now live in Pokémon Go Worldwide

A huge gamechanger is now available for Pokémon Go as PokéStop Nominations have rolled out worldwide for Level 40 trainers.

You can make 7 nominations in any 14 day period by selecting eligible objects and locations to become a PokéStop. For players in rural areas, this is a huge move that can basically turn your local cell into a proper hub for activity.

Through the new Niantic Wayfarer system, this tool will make Pokémon GO more customisable than ever before.

Make sure to read the Nomination Guidelines carefully in game before attempting to make nominations, though, as this is a system that can quite easily be abused and it’s more than likely your nominations won’t be approved if you don’t pay attention to the rules.

For instance, you should avoid nominating a PokéStop on a residential property.

What a week for Pokémon with Sword and Shield also launching this Friday, bringing Gen 8 and the Galar region along with it.

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