Wreckfest receiving major Season Pass with multiple DLC packs

Wreckfest, widely considered a spiritual successor to FlatOut, is out now, and has a ton of DLC coming.

Included in the game’s Season Pass are two Car Packs, as well as a Special pack with customisation items.

In total, players can expect 20 new cars, 20 new roof props, and a car customisation pack with armor and rims.

Amongst other things, Car Pack 1 will have a Bumper Car and Wingman. Car Pack 2 will include an Outlaw, Hornet, and Honey Pot!

Meanwhile the special pack will have a rubber ducky, a poop – no, seriously, chainsaw and missile.

PC owners will have also received a massive free update, including new tracks, challenge vehicles, collision improvements, overhauled lobby functions and more.

Wreckfest is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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