Xbox Original Games Now Playable on Backwards Compatibility

Xbox Classic games have made their long awaited debut on backwards compatibility.

From today, 13 original games will be playable on Xbox One with 4x the pixel count. Or, if you pick up Xbox One X on November 7th, 16x the pixel count for Xbox Classic Games and 9x the original pixel count with expanded colour details for Xbox 360 games.

Beloved classics, such as Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Ninja Gaiden Black, will be the first games to make the jump, with a further list to be added Spring 2018.

You can use the disc you already own on Xbox One or purchase digitally through the Microsoft Store. However, because these are the original games, Xbox Live services will no longer be available, though you can still play offline or through System Link. There is also no Achievement system as these games pre-dated that.

Here’s the full list of Xbox Classic games you can now play on your Xbox One.

Meanwhile, 4 Xbox 360 games will enjoy an additional higher resolution on Xbox One X from November 7th.

Get all the details on Xbox Wire.

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